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Terms Of Service


By joining one of our sites, you agree that you will be the only one using your membership credentials. Sharing your log in information is strictly prohibited.

Distributing our copyrighted works electronically is prohibited. You may not post our work on forums, torrents, or file sharing networks nor shall you distribute them physically by means of CDs, DVDs, or other media.

We monitor all member downloads and IP address activity. You are not allowed to download more than 5 gigabytes in a 12 hour period nor are you allowed to login with more then 5 IPs in a 30 minute period. If you exceed the limits above, your account will be suspended for 12 hours. We also reserve the right to cancel your membership due to excessive IP logins with your username.

Cancellations must by done at the billing company website: Cancellations will not be accepted via a support ticket or email.

Refunds :

Purchased memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.

In the event that we find you distributing our copyrighted works or violating this agreement, we will terminate your account without notice.

This agreement is bound by the laws of the United States of America and may be changed at any given time at the discretion of NDN Ventures, Inc. It is the members responsibility to refer to this agreement for changes made within.

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